Super Affordable, cozy & convenient hostel you will love, right next door to the one and only BUNKER climbing gym!

Is this the right offer for you?

Are you a rock climber looking to get quick access to some bouldering or climbing?

Or maybe you're not a climber "yet", but you're looking for something adventurous and fun to challenge yourself with?

Are you looking for affordable, cozy and conveniently-located hostel accomodation? 

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then we're confident this will be what you're looking for.

We are super stoked to partner with the adjacent Warehouse Hostel of Koh Tao. 


Imagine waking up feeling like you're in a beautiful green forest. That's how it will feel...

The location of the Warehouse Hostel is pretty much in the center of every main area or beach that you would want to visit.

And plus, it's right next door to The Bunker Climbing Gym, so you can get up and start your day with a workout and an awesome climbing or bouldering session!

Save  Money  On  Climbing

Enjoy very generous discounts on our Bunker climbing gym entry passes and/or, our outdoor climbing trips, depending on which hostel accomodation package you choose from the options below. We make it easy for you to make the decision to start climbing! 

These discounts are exclusive ONLY for our hostel guests.

Save  Money  On  Food  & Drinks

Enjoy 10% OFF on Bunker Cafe food and drink items. Whether you want some delicious light food, awesome snacks, coffee, juices, smoothies, or even a beer to wind down in the evening, we've got you covered. We make it easy for you to fuel up for your climbing session!

These discounts are exclusive ONLY for our hostel guests.

Save  Money  On Transportation

The hostel is right next door to the Bunker climbing gym so you can wake up, eat and go climb! The Bunker and hostel is only a 5 min bike ride from the pier, and within walking distance to food and convenience stores (in case you don't want to rent a bike during your stay). 

If you go outdoor climbing with us, you get free transportation.

Bunker Climbing Gym Koh Tao

About The Bunker Team

Since The Bunker Team operates the Warehouse Hostel accomodation, we don't just want to provide you hostel accomodation like so many others on Koh Tao.

Our aim and purpose is to give you a "WOW" experience.

We want you to feel at home... like you belong to our small and awesome climbing community at The Bunker (even if you've never climbed before).

What Our Happy Guests Said

We know you will love our hostel, but don't take our word for it.

Here's what just a few of our guests have said about The Warehouse Hostel...

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Choose the Best Option for You

Most Popular
Bunker Climbing Gym Koh Tao

Hostel  + Climbing  5D/4N

What's Included:

  • Hostel accomodation for 5 days / 4 nights with breakfast.
  • 1 outdoor beginner rock climbing course or guided trip.
  • 15% OFF our intermediate lead climbing course.
  • 4 FREE Bunker climbing gym daily passes.
  • 1 Welcome drink.
  • 10% OFF Bunker cafe items.
Bunker Climbing Gym Koh Tao

Hostel  + Climbing  3D/2N

What's Included:

  • Hostel accomodation for 3 days / 2 nights with breakfast.
  • 1 outdoor beginner rock climbing course or guided trip.
  • 2 FREE Bunker climbing gym daily passes.
  • 1 Welcome drink.
  • 10% OFF Bunker cafe items.
Bunker Climbing Gym Koh Tao

Hostel Accomodation Only

What's Included:

  • Hostel accomodation with breakfast for your choice of number of days/nights.
  • 20% OFF Bunker climbing gym daily pass.
  • 10% OFF Bunker cafe items.
  • 10% OFF our outdoor beginner climbing course/trip only if you come bring one or more friends to join you (ie. if you come in a group of 2 or more people).


What's the difference between just getting the hostel accomodation first and then purchasing the outdoor climbing trips later, compared to, getting the accomodation with climbing already included?

By getting the accomodation package with outdoor climbing already included, you get more than a 15% discount on those outdoor climbing trips. The discount is already included and packaged into the total price. 

If you only book hostel accomodation now, and want to purchase a outdoor climbing trip later, you will have to pay the regular prices.

The hostel accomodation price is also discounted 15% from the normal price and we have included breakfast for free as well.

Do I need to book through your website or can I book through other booking platforms like etc?

To enjoy the awesome discounts we are giving you and that are already included in the pacakges, you will need to book through our website.

To be fully transparent, the reason we can offer you those massive discounts is because by you booking through our website, we don't have to pay commissions to those booking platforms.

And in turn, what we save in commissions to be paid, we offer to you in terms of discounts.

So come to think of it, we aren't making anything extra because we're givinng the savings to you.

Can I remove the breakfast option and get a cheaper price for the room?

Sorry no. 

Truth be told we are includinng the breakfast for free based on the savings on commissions we would normally have to pay the booking platforms. 

We just really want you to try out our delicious breakfast and that's why we included it for free.

If I book the hostel accomodation with outdoor climbing included, can I choose a longer stay more than 5 days / 4 nights? 

The packages are set as either 3 days / 2 nights, or 5 days / 4 nights. You can't change the number of days for those packages.

But if you would like to take the package with climbing included to enjoy the 15% discount, AND you would like to stay longer than 5 days for example, we suggest you first, book the 5 day package, and then include a note in the booking form saying till when (what date) you would like to extend beyond the 5 day package (when you would like to check out). 

We will then see that note and reserve those dates for you. Bear in mind, if you do that, we will send you a payment request to make payment for those additional nights you would like to stay. 

Who do I contact in case I have any questions or I would like to confirm that my hostel stay extension is confirmed and reserved?

You may email and we will reply promptly.

The Bunker Koh Tao Climb - Cafe - Hostel


Do you have limited time on Koh Tao and want to do it all? Are you completely new to climbing and want to get a real feeling of the total climbing experience on Koh Tao?

Or maybe, you simply want to immerse yourself in a “full day” climbing experience around Koh Tao?

Sign up for our Full Climbing Day Trip where everything is included, and we will take you bouldering in the morning and sport climbing in the afternoon, at the best spots on Koh Tao!

**Important – The prerequisite for having the most fun and getting the most value on this trip, is you must either:

  1. Have completed our Beginner Top Rope Course and Intermediate Lead Course, or..

  2. Can already Lead Climb at least 6a/6b.




Beginner to Advanced


1 - 6 GUESTS




100 - 200 BAHT