Kids Climbing Group Coaching Starting Soon At The Bunker Koh tao

Get your kids climbing now so they can develop mental and physical strentgh

Date & Time:

Every Sunday

10 - 11am

Group Size:

Limited to only

6 kids

Experience Level:

Beginner to Intermediate


1 Class - 450 Baht

4 Classes - 1500 Baht


Your kid will be coached by our instructor according to his/her currect skill and strength level. Since gear rental and a 1 day pass is included, really, you are only paying 100 Baht for 1 hour of coaching. No brainer!

free shoe & chalk bag rental

All equipment for the climbing coaching is included. So really, you save 150 Baht. And your kid can use the shoes and chalk bag for the remainder of the day to climb more after class, at no extra charge.

1 full day gym climbing pass

Our 1 day gym pass is usually 250 Baht but your kid can climb for FREE for the remainder of the day after class is over. He/she can utilize the day pass to further practice what was learnt during class.


Meet The Instructors

what your kids will get and benefit from

Incredible value at only 450 Baht per coaching session!

Learn How To Climb

Learn the basics of rock climbing and bouldering, how to move and control body movement when climbing. 

Build Confidence & Self-Esteem

Overcoming fears is one thing. Building up confidence and self-esteem is another thing. We teach kids how to stretch themselves outside their comfort zone, so that they can reach new “heights” and overcome challenges. This is such a valuable mindset component and skill to have in life!

Overcome Fears

Kids will learn how feeling fear is “normal” when anything is new or when they are stepping outside their comfort zone. They will learn how to manage those fears so that they can push through and move forward through the challenges they are facing. 

Improve Climbing Skills

Everyone pretty much knows how to climb but climbing efficiently with the least energy and effort is a major part in being able to climb harder and overcome bigger challenges. We will teach kids the finer points and skills of climbing movement.

Get Stronger & Fitter Physically

This is a “no-brainer”. Climbing is such an awesome “whole body” physical exercise and activity. We will progress your kids through harder and harder challenges as time goes on, and they will get stronger and stronger as time goes on.

Develop Decision Making & Analytical Thinking

To climb successfully to the top of a climb, one has to decide which holds and moves to use, how to pace his/her strength and endurance, and also how find solutions when one way does not work out.